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4l Automatic Smart Feeder

4l Automatic Smart Feeder

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Feast your eyes upon Automatic Timed Feeding, with 1-6 meal settings, Slow Feeder ranging from 0-10 minutes, along with Recording and Broadcasting capabilities. This premium feeder is powered from a Dual Power Supply and features a Clear Food Panel and a High Quality Moisture Proof Cover. Effortlessly Dismantle and Clean, while discovering a range of multifunctional uses with its LCD Display and 3 Button Combo. Ergonomically designed with a Sloped Anti-Jamming feature.

Material : ABS + 304 Stainless Steel
Size : 33.5 x 33 x9cm 
Capacity : 4l 
Plug : US plug is default, please advise if you require another specification.
Features : Automatic Timed Feeding, Meal Setting 1-6 meals, Slow Feeder 0-10 minutes, Supports Recording and Broadcasting. Dual Power Supply. Clear Food Panel. HIgh Quality Moisture Proof Cover. Easy to Dismantle and Clean, Multifunction, LCD Display, 3 Button Combo, Sloped for Anti-Jamming.


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