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Pet Treadmill Roller

Pet Treadmill Roller

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Unleash the power of late-night parkour! Let your fur baby become an athletic powerhouse with the Cat Treadmill Fitness Roller! Transform their physique into a sleek masterpiece of purr-sonal fitness. The solid construction ensures maximum sturdiness and includes a secure lock, perfect for cats who like to stay indoors. Let them paw-pump and purr-cise their way to a healthier lifestyle, burning calories and pushing their energizer-bunny limits.

With this exercise wheel, your cat can run and play in complete entertainment. It's quiet, affordable, and easy to use - let's get those heart-pumping paws moving!

Choose from 3 colors of illumination and 2 colour casings. Seamless integrated structure, wear-resistant non-slip grip pads, metal baseplate stabilizers, and dynamic lighting tubes provide the ultimate athlete experience. The app tracks Kms, spins, calories consumed, and lets you set goals for your furry friend. 

Material : Environmentally friendly materials. Polymer ABS Material, Non Slip Wear Resistant Grab Pad.
Size : 101cmx28cmx107cm
Requires assembly
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