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100% Natural Organic Oil for Cats & Dogs

100% Natural Organic Oil for Cats & Dogs

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Indulge your pet's wellness with Natural Hemp Seed Oil. Perfect for your pup and kitty, this 100% organic Oil may help improve sleep, reduce tension, soothe away pain, squash anxiety, and make coats and fur feel smooth and healthy. Plus, it's packed with inflammatory fighters and contains omegas 3, 6, and 9 for those furry joints and hips. All natural from 100% Pure HempOil Extract. Contains no sugar starch, salt, wheat gluten, yeast, milk or soy... now that's purrr-fect, right?

For optimum results, incorporate a small amount of this Hemp Seed Essential Oil into your pet's diet gradually. This premium oil provides numerous health benefits, but your vet should be consulted about any health concerns before use. Always avoid cooking or heating the oil, as its beneficial properties may be compromised if overheated.


Size : 1500mg / 60 servings (1/2 dropper). 
Serving size:
Dogs Less than 20lbs (9.07kg) - 1/8 dropper 
Dogs 21-49lbs (9.5-21kg) - 1/4 dropper 
Dogs 50lbs + (22.7kg +) - 1/2 dropper 
Cats 0-25lbs - 1/4 dropper

Per Serving : 8.35mg Hemp Extract. Just add to meals or direct to mouth.
100% Pure Full Spectrum Organic HempOil Extract.  
Store in cool environment. Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.
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